P.O. BOX 926 • FINDLAY, OHIO 45839
JIM MARCKEL, CURATOR • 419-424-1961 X131

“Preserving the rich heritage of the Churches of God, General Conference  Honoring the Past and Inspiring the Future.”


The Historical Society Committee is the official structure authorized by the General Conference for the administration and operation of the CGGC Archives Museum. The Committee consists of the CGGC Executive Director and others chosen by the director and approved by the Administrative Council. The Committee selects a curator to oversee and operate the museum.

J. Lance Finley – Executive Director
Jonathan Binkley – Chair
Barbara Meyers – Vice Chair
Margaret Hirschy – Member
Ron Harvey – Member
Sally Green – Member
K’Etta Curry – Member                              Mary Lehman — Member
Rob Guy, Jr. –Member                                  Jim Marckel — Curator

Our Newest Committee Member

Mary Lehman –  Coldwater Ohio

Jim Marckel, Curator

Jim has served as Curator since 2012. Prior to that he owned and operated the Ben Franklin Craft and Variety store 1983-2009 in Findlay, Ohio.                                    

Hours: Tuesday & Thursday: 9 – 1:30 Phone: 419-424-1961 (Ext 131)

  Museum Curators

Ida Hickernell             c.1951-1962

CGGC Staff                     1963-1982

Evelyn Shuey                  1983-1984

CGGC Staff                      1985-1988

Rosie Kear                       1989-1995

Jean Leathers                 1995-2007

Melanie Martin                2007-2009

Susan Murray                  2010-2011

Haley Drown                    2011-2012

Jim Marckel                     2012-P


Churches of God, General Conference CGGC Archives Museum

The Historical Society is an auxiliary organization of the Churches of God, General Conference. This Society oversees the Archives Museum gatherings and displays which preserve and maintain the history and heritage of the Churches of God, General Conference. Since 1981, the Archives Museum has been located in the Wilkin Center for Christian Ministries at 700 East Melrose Avenue in Findlay, Ohio. The Archives Museum is housed in several rooms. The main Museum Room has displays of key CGGC people, memorabilia from numerous CGGC Missionaries and artifacts from CGGC Churches. The Rare Books Room contains historical denominational and period relevant books. The Archives Room houses the CGGC Conference and Regional papers and information on individual CGGC Pastors, Leaders,  Churches and Events.